Power of Center

Break out of the patterns that have defined you

How to clear a pattern

Part II

The basic way to clear a pattern is to Face, Accept, and Replace. You may want to make a list of everything you don’t accept the way it is. All the fires up and down the coast, the pandemic, Climate change, our history of suppression. For just a few clearly unacceptable issues. Or the struggles in relationships and arguing with another’s point of view, even all of us parents falling prey to the illusion that force or control ever works.

The added component of stillness

Life can be experienced as a struggle or pressure even a burden. It seems it is all up to us. We have to get everything done and on time. It all seems so important and maybe even urgent. The content of our lives can be so full and demanding with the weight of the world on our shoulders. We look forward to a moment of reprieve and depending on our inclination we can use a beer at the end of the day or veg out in front of the TV anything to go below thought or to escape the demands of our thoughts.

Loyalty to the Family Dynamic

Conflict resolution can be more directly addressed by replacing old destructive behaviors with healthy patterns. Although we will still use more traditional methods to resolve conflict with active listening skills, being heard is not an obligation that can be expected. It is boarding on holding our loved one’s hostage to make it a requirement to be heard. Of course, this is desirable and helpful but the responsibility is still mostly on the person wanting to be heard to be with their feelings in a deeply loving way that takes the responsibility off of others to make us feel heard.

Self- Realization

Self-realization transforms everything. To learn how the false self with all it’s pre-formed dogma and it’s robotic rhetoric controls most everything we think and do. It appears we have free choice but how free is that choice if most everything we do is programming stemming from our imprinting and learned beliefs. Is your name really who you are? Someone named you, so who were you before your name? You just were, you just are.

The Art of Non-Resistance

Learning to not resist is definitely an art form. It is easier to not want to feel pain and loss. We are surely a pain-avoidant pleasure-seeking species. It isn’t easy to trust what comes our way as only for us and not against us. It takes a broad perspective indeed. Let me know if you would like some support with this art form. It has many rewards that far outweigh the discomfort of facing what we feel with a calm respectful observation.