Steps to clear programming

Posted by Power of Center on Friday, March 11, 2016

Identify, Face, and Replace

Step one

Identify the pattern that takes you away from calm. For example, too many things pile up on your plate and overwhelm sets in.

Step two

Notice the resistance to the feeling of overwhelm and the thought is if I just get everything done I can relax. What if instead, you stop for 30 seconds and allow the feeling of overwhelm. The sensation of tightness in the body the impatience and looking ahead to the next moment to get to the end of the next task. Face that enjoyment and lightness have been postponed and life feels like a struggle. Accept my own destructive thought is causing this pressure.

Step three

Now it is time to replace that thought. We can do this in different ways. My favorite is to bring in the heart quality of Trust, openness, love, gratitude, and True respect. What does it feel like to trust yourself to do your best and that is enough. Now your task can be done with more calm, confidence, and enjoyment.