Facing Strong Feelings

Posted by Carol Small on Thursday, July 9, 2020

This takes courage but when we relax deeply during a very strong feeling and face it, our awareness can release the glue that holds the feeling in place, allowing the story, thought or situation that was attached to the feeling to dissolve back into its true natureā€¦ nothingness. Then we can see the truth of the moment untainted by the past and imagined future. This acceptance for just a moment relaxes the body, freeing the mind.

The challenge then becomes how do we relax deeply when we default into gripping onto or against, wishing the strong feeling would go away? Who we are is more than a feeling, a thought or a memory. When we experience that a feeling, a thought, or a memory is that which rests on us, this growing awareness gives that courage to stop habitual, pain-producing feelings and scenarios and brings peace. This of course requires TRUST, and building of trust is a process I would love to help you incorporate into everyday life.