Striving ahead

Missing what's here now

Posted by Carol Small on Thursday, July 9, 2020

Take a moment to just reflect on how much time is spent getting ahead of ourselves, rushing to the next distraction not even realizing it is an attempt to fix an empty feeling deep inside we don’t even stop to identify. Override becomes interpreted as normal life. We live in the future missing our lives completely. We think this activity or this person will head off the loneliness that may swallow us up if we stop and don’t fill every moment with attempts to solve a sense of separateness. These attempts at solving, these so-called solutions don’t actually solve the problem but postpone it. Rushing, staying always busy to distract ourselves. What would happen if we stopped striving? Do we even know we are driven to control every feeling by filling our lives with one thing after the next? Until we know another way that would bring comfort, this may seem the only option available. Stopping and facing these feelings is a much better option. Our awareness of our feelings helps us to step back and observe and our True Self has a chance to show us another way. We can see that our fulfillment is here, right now in this present moment.

This striving keeps us ignorant of the fact that we are not these patterns. When we can see them as patterns and not who we are we can restructure our lives in a way that doesn’t cause ongoing stress and suffering. If you would like to know more about this striving pattern, please call for a session and we will work on this together.