Self- Realization

Posted by Carol Small on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Self-realization transforms everything. To learn how the false self with all it’s pre-formed dogma and it’s robotic rhetoric controls most everything we think and do. It appears we have free choice but how free is that choice if most everything we do is programming stemming from our imprinting and learned beliefs.

Is your name really who you are? Someone named you, so who were you before your name? You just were, you just are. Before programming, we are a clean slate. I suppose that is debatable since if you believe you live through many lives, maybe some of that programming moves through with you?

Those discussions are fun but not necessary to wake up from false programming to realize the True Self. This is when true choice begins. When we realize we are more than the content of our lives. We are the paper the writing is on. We are the canvas on which the painting appears. We are the part of ourselves that never changes but stays there through the coming and goings of thoughts, feelings, memories, and conditions. The realization of that quiet observer is the real power that brings freedom from pain and suffering.

We will work to remove, bit by bit the programming of the false self to reveal the true self the part that brings comfort, acceptance, and love in the most unconditional way.

It is rarely observed that writing is not possible without the paper. Imagine this white paper. Write a bunch of stuff on the paper. All that writing obscures the paper, the true self, but as you dissolve the writing on the paper the paper is more realized as the necessary component to the writing itself. Our work is to remove the patterns of the false self revealing what is already there, the sun behind the clouds.

The added component of self-realization is true freedom and the root of the peace that surpasses all understanding.