Power of Center

Break out of the patterns that have defined you

Transformation of Relationship Addiction

Interacting with our loved ones can feel fraught with challenges, and heartache. So much built-in expectations and entitlement. I have been asked why be in a relationship if it isn’t to get my needs met? Wow, I wonder if you can realize that actually holds the other person hostage to live their life to meet your needs. What if I could help you to see that love is first an inside job.

Overcoming Childhood Trauma

A student was feeling hopeless when confronted with how much trauma happened in her childhood and asked how to come to terms with what seemed overwhelming. Let me try to answer your questions the best I can. Yes, your experiences and difficulties will be largely the result of your imprinting and past programming, so what to do with it now you ask? Just because the feeling is strong doesn’t mean the thought clearing process has to be difficult.


Am I doomed to a lifetime of feelings of being abandoned by the people I love?

This has been inspired by one of the sweetest girls on the planet. She asked this question and I think it is such a universal question that I thought I would devote my next writing to its exploration. She asked why do I always get the short end of the stick. Am I doomed to a lifetime of being abandoned by the people I love? Feeling abandoned or rejected and left out can be a very painful experience.