Power of Center

Break out of the patterns that have defined you

Yuan Gong and Ren Xue Teachings

Overview Ren Xue includes Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming Medicine. Ren Xue is a system of knowledge and methods designed by Yuan Tze to help us to actively improve life as a whole and to help us reach our full potential as human beings. … This understanding is the basis to develop a good and harmonious life. This process gives us all the tools we need to change what doesn’t work in our lives and to move from ignorance of our true self to Enlightenment.

The Experience of Gongjing

To Whom It May Concern, I woke up this morning inspired me to write about a Chinese term Gongjing. Cultivating this state to its fullest can be very rewarding. Gongjing incorporates calm, trusting, openness, love, gratitude, reverence, humility, and true respect for life. It replaces all the defensive patterns that mess with our relationships with others and ourselves. It replaces wanting and brings it back to our natural state of having, being and enjoyment of what is versus looking at what is wrong in life.