Power of Center

Break out of the patterns that have defined you


I did not follow the traditional educational path that many find comfort in. I did not complete a degree, or get a MFT certification. Instead I’ve learned from the many healers and teachers that have crossed my path over the last 40 years

I believe in continuing education and draw inspiration from these disciplines

Ren Xue Teacher

There are nine methods of Yuan Gong, all leading clearly to the dropping away of the false self and revealing the True Self. It teaches how to verifiably change your old habits or programming that no longer serves you. This isn’t just a way to understand yourself more or get support for your feelings, this is a real way to transform life from fear to a calm, relaxed, integrated, unified, harmonious state.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy

This is where I have learned so much about the different parts of ourselves and how they communicate with each other. My first introduction to the calm state and how healing and transformative it can be.

Sedona Method

The part I love most about this method is these 4 questions that bring us so clearly into the observer position.

  1. Feel the feeling
  2. Notice wanting to fix, change, understand, and figure out.
  3. Notice that this seems personal.
  4. After sitting with noticing those things you realize you are the noticer instead of that which is noticed and that brings a wonderful birds-eye view and detaches the glue that holds the problem in place.

Middendorf Breath movement

It is this movement of breath that prepared me for the feeling of flow later experienced in Yuan Gong, a form of Qigong that brings amazing body and breath awareness. It is this movement from thinking to sensing, this profound body awareness that quiets the mind and heals the body.

Hands-on Breath massage

Working hands-on with the natural rhythm of the breath produces a very deep, calming state, bringing full-body breath awareness. It is an offering of the breath to fill the body instead of pushing and pulling on the breath that is so prevalent in so many other modalities.

“The Work” of Byron Katie

At a very young age, I realized the world was a mirror. What we think is out there is actually a reflection of ourselves. I could see repetitive patterns. It was like I could predict what someone was going to say knowing how the people around me responded in a robotic way. Byron Katie is brilliant and humorous as she gently guides people to write down their thoughts and projections on paper and turn them around to see the mirror reflection. I remember knowing her in the early days and I coined the word turn around for her as we further developed “The Work” Her humor became a major contributor to my work.

Healing Codes

Healing Codes are hand positions that have a profound impact on the state of relaxation and create a deep healing power. I still use my intuition for hand positions for individuals that want to comfort the central nervous system.

Hawaiian Art of Ho’oponopono

I love how E’Haleakala went into the prisons and by only using the charts of each prisoner, created massive healing by seeing the oneness of all things by saying, “Whatever it is in me, that caused this in you, I am sorry, I love you, Please forgive me, and Thank you!

I always say this whenever I pass a wreck on the highway. It is a level of responsibility that moves me deeply.

Transcendental Meditation

The first levels of transcendental meditation are very healing but for me, the advanced levels opened channels for me I was not at the time ready for many years ago. It has taken years and much healing to open these channels in a healthy way and I have Ren Xue teachings to thank for that.

I’ve been inspired by the teachings of Yuan Tze, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Adjashanti, and Zach Snyder.