Power of Center

Break out of the patterns that have defined you

My work

My work is based on the assumption that joy is our natural state of being and that our suffering comes from resisting what is, and painful programming can be mistaken for who we are. This is the false self. This process, this art of transformation can help allow our True Self to emerge and learn to be free from the past memories that hinder your happiness in the present moment.

I work with everyone a little differently. But hopefully, this sample will give you an idea.

I have an eclectic background in many healing modalities but my most-honed skill is intuition and my ability to quickly see core issues and help you see the issue creating the problem. I teach you about the patterns you face, and then gently guide you to face and replace them, dissolving the illusions that keep you stuck, and help you to live the life you want, as your True Self.

Embracing, honoring the resisting parts will pave the road to clear disabling beliefs holding you back from reaching all your hopes and dreams–your natural state, your full potential. This will allow you to help to dissolve lifelong, debilitating patterns that keep repeating, over and over again. As faulty perceptions drop, you will recover your peace of mind, reaching your natural state of imperturbability, strength, and confidence.

I focus energy in a few common areas

  • How you feel is of course important but we can get lost in the feeling state that has been fueled by old debilitating thought-forms. When you take a moment to identify a reactive moment, to stop and face the repetitive story, the observer part of you has the uncanny ability to help you come back to choice and then the replacement thought brings peace.
  • Find a new meaning to the word responsibility. Our patterns aren’t our fault but it is up to us to clear our pain because blame can keep us stuck for a very long time.
  • Learn how striving actually hinders and slows down progress. Try harder, do better just keeps us stuck.
  • Experience real change and drop your old identity. Through your willingness to challenge the mind’s insistence to believe your thoughts, you can learn to welcome in your True Self. Allow me to show you how to give up old programs that have stubbornly held you hostage. I look forward to helping you enjoy your new-found freedom.

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